Clever Ways To Get An All-New Wardrobe On The Cheap

How many times have you looked in your closet and thought, I have nothing to wear? Or, found yourself rocking that same black turtleneck three (or more) times a week, just because you can't seem to find anything else that works? As women with a penchant for style, we tend to find ourselves in these conundrums way too often. Sure, scoring the latest baroque sunglasses, sneaker wedges, or "It" bag may be an instant solution, but a season or two later, they're most likely taking up space in your closet, serving as a constant reminder of things that probably weren't worth the splurge.
To give your wardrobe the makeover it desperately needs (and deserves), we picked the brains of some of New York's top stylists. With affordable tips on how to rework (and remake) those worn-through pieces and secrets for making items last for seasons, your closet will become a well-curated oasis — rather than the dust-attracting, filled-to-the-brim space that it might be now.