5 Restos, 5 Editor-Approved Outfits

There are no disagreements at R29 HQ quite like the squabbles over what to order for lunch. Yep, we're just as opinionated on the topic of F-O-O-D as we are on, say, a well-soled stiletto. And, with so many stellar eateries jam-packed into one metropolis, the options (and noon-time arguments) are endless.
So, we challenged our fellow editors to put their restaurant recommendations where their taste buds are — and assemble an ensemble to match. From a Colombian-street-food joint perfect for a late-night bite to a rustic Italian eatery our executive editor can't get enough of, these are the spots nearest and dearest to our hearts stomachs, and worth a try this weekend. Is there anything better than food and fashion? We think not.