4 Places You Must Go In NYC Before New Year’s

Winter in New York just might be our favorite season, especially during the holidays. There's nothing like it dressed up in all its finest, twinkling with lights. Everyone's in good spirits. Snow is still a novelty. And, the promise of another season full of parties and good times makes everything a little brighter.
So, when Fossil invited us along for a fun and festive day, we called in a few of our favorite holiday-loving friends to Instagram our way around the city. Kristen Lam of Kristen Glam, Dylana Suarez of Dylana Suarez, Lisa Dengler of Just Another, and Rachel-Marie Iwanyszyn of Jag Lever met us at the Union Square Holiday Market to kick off a day full of shopping, skating, and other assorted acts of coziness that steer clear of the usual tourist traps. Check out the day and get inspired. You'll want to stage your own Insta-moments, too. Promise.