Sparkling Accessories For All Your Holiday Parties

Umm, we heard a Christmas Carol in the supermarket yesterday (and yes, it was Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas). It's official, the holiday season frenzy is upon us. Not gonna lie, it's kinda of our favorite time of year—work slows down, present searching speeds way up, and hangovers are the norm. Yes, pack your advil...can you say "holiday parties, holiday parties, holiday parties" three times fast? Besides stocking up on eggnog, mistletoe, and wrapping paper, you've got to be thinking heavily about what you're wearing to all these festive fetes. While we know dresses will top your list, let's not forget about all the extra trimmings! We're talking accessories—think cascading earrings, glittering clutches, eye-popping headgear, and shoes with serious shimmer. So, to help you get your sparkle on this season we've put together a lil' hit-list of the bestest, most dazzling picks to make sure more than just your dress stands out in the crowd. We think that mistletoe will be put to good use, don't you?
Click through to see our slideshow of holiday accessories that will dazzle all season!

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