NYC’s Most Interesting Hidden Landmarks

Christopher Winn has trouble picking his favorite neighborhood in New York City. "Each has something different and unique to offer," he said. And, he would know, since he's been collecting NYC trivia for over 20 years. "I've always been attracted by quirky stories and interesting tidbits of information wherever I go. So much of what I know about New York has been picked up casually over the years."
Now, his extensive knowledge has been compiled in a new book I Never Knew That About New York, in which he details the hidden parts of our city we unknowingly walk by every day. To prepare for the project, he spent three weeks walking the entire length of Broadway in Manhattan "from south to north, with detours into each of the neighborhoods to east and west. In New York, geography and history walk hand-in-hand northward along Broadway."
What Winn found is that some of the most fascinating parts of our city remain secret, or even forgotten. "New York is constantly changing — everywhere, all the time. It's the city that never stands still. That's part of its magic and its success. Over the last 100 years, the east side has probably changed most dramatically, it's hard to imagine that New York's elegant Civic Center now stands where the gangs of New York ruled over the notorious slums of Five Points, for instance." Ahead, Winn unveils 10 of NYC's most interesting — and totally secret — landmarks. Prepare to see your city in a completely different light.

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