How To Blow $80,000 This Weekend

As evidenced by last weekend's freeloader's guide to NYC, we at Refinery29 enjoy thrifting, steals, and all that wallet-friendly stuff. But if there's one thing New York's known for, it's being one pricey S.O.B.! We're not just talking rent—uh-uh, there are plenty of lavish ways for you to pull a Jennifer Lopez in the Big Apple. Whether it's dropping $1K on a gilded dessert at Serendipity, or adding a little levity with a helicopter all to yourself at $20,000, spending money is definitely a whole lot easier than making it. In the name of fantasy, we've placed ourselves in the shoes of the city's Donald Trumps (except with the classy quotient turned on high), and created a weekend itinerary that's excessive, extravagant, and simply fabulous. While this might not be the most practical or plausible way to spend your weekend, if you, (like us) eat ramen more often than foie gras, check out this field guide to NYC for the rich—and make-believe...our rough estimate of all this luxe comes out to about $80,000.
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