Happy New Year: 8 Mouthwatering Chinese Restaurants

It's time for red envelopes, dancing dragons, and lots and lots of 食物 (that's Chinese for food)! Yes, Chinese New Year is today, and while we may not be sweeping our entire house out of bad luck come Friday, we definitely will be using the holiday as an excuse to indulge in our favorite pastime ((if you've been paying attention to your inbox you know it starts with E ends with -ATING). Chinese cuisine can be a hit-or-miss kind of situation, but thankfully we have compiled a list of the best restaurants this side of Beijing. And, dearest dumplings, you know we're not talking China Express: Instead, check out these eight tasty NYC chinese eateries for the best authentic noodles, wontons, and everything in between. The celebrations last for 15 days, so repeat visits are allowed!
Click through for our list of eight mouthwatering Chinese restaurants to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit!

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