The New Line You’ll Fall Hard For

When you start being recognized for your signature prints and silhouettes a mere two years after launching your label, you've got serious talent. That's the case with NYC-based designer Jordana Warmflash of Novis. A former designer at Zac Posen and Alice + Olivia, Warmflash set out to create a line that celebrates her whimsical nature with feminine pieces that have a unique, quirky spin. And, you can see that in her most recent fall collection, inspired by Bauhaus artist Paul Klee's interpretation of abstract prints and mixed media.
The offering features geometric shapes stamped onto fall staples like nubby knits and topcoats, watercolor landscape prints interpreted on going-out dresses, and modern-feeling separates. And, although you used to have to search far and wide for a Novis design at a local boutique, Warmflash's recent venture into e-commerce makes it a lot more accessible. "This will allow us to not only serve our customer firsthand with exclusive offerings but will also allow us to learn more about the needs and wants of our customer," Warmflash says. Well, we're pretty sure the "need" right now is the entire fall line, which you can check out ahead or shop right here.