Nobody's Perfect, But Your Outfits Were...Check Out The Winner Of Our Contest!

Just when we thought our fierce frame contest took all the competitive spirit out of you, you came back strong, proving us wrong and showing us just how aggressive you really are—towards fashion of course. We were impressed with how well you mixed and matched from all different stores to put together your perfect outfit in the hopes of winning your very own portrait featured on our site and shot by yours truly! We kept checking our Facebook wall and we likey what we saw—there was a little bit of Zara, some vintage accessories, a very happy Moschino smiley bag, and a green dress for only a buck (and you thought a dollar couldn't buy you anything except at Burger King). Though we loved them all, perfect is perfect, and Taylor Price took the cake. Her look was tres affordable(sometimes style isn't all about brand names); with an H&M cardigan, Forever 21 lace bustier, Zara Trousers, Steve Madden booties, and vintage clutch. She'll be immortalized on our site and be shot by one of our super talented photogs. Now that's picture perfect!

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