Dial M For Movie? Nicole Kidman Confirmed To Play Grace Kelly

Sure, the resemblance may not be spot-on, but big screen power player Nicole Kidman has just inked a deal to play legendary American siren-slash-Hitchcock muse-slash-princess Grace Kelly. In the Oliver Dahan-helmed project (you know him for the Marion Cotillard-as-Edith Piaf flick La Vie en Rose), Kidman will cinematically inhabit the life of the gorgeous icon. The film, aptly titled Grace of Monaco, will show Kidman as Kelly during a brief, six-month snapshot of her royal reign in 1962.
As mentioned, we don't think she's the Hollywood actress with the closest physical likeness to the iconic blonde, but there are some other striking similarities between the two. Both actresses won Oscars for unglamorous roles (Kidman for The Hours and Kelly for The Country Girl), both are known for their dewy porcelain complexions, and one married the king of country, while the other married the king of a country. Are we reaching here? Maybe. But tell us you didn't enjoy that pun. We dare you.
But back to the point at hand. What do you think of this unlikely choice? Perhaps a few prosthetics, a blonde(r) wig, and a convincing accent can turn Kidman into the perfect fit. Thoughts?
Photos: Via NY Post

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