How Much Of A New Yorker Are You?

This is going to be the hardest quiz you've ever taken. Forget the SATs and your last eye exam. The journey on which you are about to embark is definitive: You are less than five minutes (two, if you move quickly) from finding out just how much of a New Yorker you really are.

If you are not a New Yorker (or are aspiring to be one), you may not know that there are tiers to living in the city of dreams, based on certain skills. Subway savvy and pizza parlance are introductory level. More advanced certification requires the ability to work magic — on shoebox spaces and day-to-night dressing. For those who've passed these tests, spotting a tourist (or newly minted resident) is easier than hailing a cab at 3 a.m.

Want to know if you're T-Swift, who's attained Global Welcome Ambassador status, or more of a stand-in like Vanessa Hudgens, who's just one Broadway performance away from heading back to Coachella for good? Take our test, and may the odds of calling New York City home forever be ever in your favor.

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