Taylor Swift Donates “Welcome To New York” Proceeds To NYC Schools

When you're the newly-appointed Global Welcome Ambassador to the City of New York, the expectations are pretty high. But, Taylor Swift has really outdone herself. The pop star announced that she'll be donating all of the proceeds from her incredibly divisive single, "Welcome to New York," to the city's public schools. That's one very clever way to silence the haters — not to mention a reminder that there's a good reason her new album is projected to sell one million copies this week.
Sure, T. Swift only moved to the city six months ago. And, yes, her definitions of "real" New York words are pretty cringeworthy. But, it's obvious that her heart is in the right place, and that she really loves New York (like, a lot).
"When I love something, I'm very, very vocal about it," she explained last night on The Late Show. "Any time I talk to anyone or any time I do an interview, I'm like, 'You don't understand. You have to go there now. You have to go to New York. Just drop what you're doing, and go there. It's amazing. It's the greatest place ever.' And, I guess the city picked up on that. They're like, 'She's the most enthusiastic, obnoxious person to ever love New York. She loves it with, like, 18 exclamation points afterward, underlined.'"
You might think that Swift's new song is the worst NYC anthem of all time, or that she's just trolling us. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But, we can't hate on anyone who's willing to do something so generous to help improve the city we love.