Morning Java: Pinktricity, Hot Klimt, and Slash the Stylist

amlinks071108_slash"Former Guns N' Roses and current Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash is teaming up with longtime friend and 'Australia's Next Top Model' stylist Jonathan Pease to work on a video game centered around fashion and styling." Come again? (Pictured a very young Saul "Slash" Hudson, Roadrunner Records)
Kidrobot's new jewelry line will track you down and kill you with cute. (NYMag)
Is Klimt too sexy for children? The fact that many a co-ed lost their virginity under a dorm-room Klimt poster suggests "yes." (Black Book)
See, when you let Betsy Johnson design apartments, this is what happens. (Pink Blog)
Topshop announces a premium denim line and our Anglo envy just builds and builds. (Vogue UK)

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