I'm Not A Mom, But I Follow All The Mommy Bloggers

I'm not looking for sustainable stroller recommendations, healthy snack options, or tiny leather moccasins for my kids. In fact, I don't have any kids. And yet, I follow an abundance of mommy bloggers on Instagram. Some people get annoyed by photos of their friends' and acquaintances' children on Instagram and Facebook, meanwhile I text my best friend on a regular basis about Eva Chen's cute videos of unswaddling her baby Tao each morning, and marvel at how big James Kicinski-McCoy's daughter Birdie is getting. We don't personally know these people and yet we can discuss how long someone's hair has gotten and reminisce about when they were just babies with no hair at all. (We've been following a lot of them since then.)
Am I a bit creepy? Maybe, but it's not like I sought the moms out, or at least not at the beginning! The reason I'm following most of these women is because they started out as fashion bloggers and industry mainstays. As the years went by, they entered that next stage of life, popped out a kid, and boom, now they're a "mommy" blogger — who happen to wear Prada slides and consider a Loewe Puzzle bag a diaper bag. These moms put their lives out on the 'gram, and why would they stop just because they had children? We're all just growing up together.
Sure, I don't see a ton of myself in these stylish mommas who are at a different chapter of life than I am, but they sure are fun to follow. Where else can I see someone wearing a straight-off-the-runway look to drop their crying kid off on their first day of daycare?
And I hope, one day, if I ever do become a mom, I can handle it half as gracefully as some of the women ahead at least appear to handle motherhood. Dang — an Instagram filter can even make motherhood look fun... and that's saying something. So, click on for the moms I can't look away from and the reasons why I keep coming back — trust me, once you hit follow, you'll be totally sucked in, too.
Welcome to Mothership: Parenting stories you actually want to read, whether you're thinking about kids right now or not, from egg-freezing to taking home baby and beyond. Because motherhood is a big if — not when — and it's time we talked about it that way.

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