What Moms Really Think Of Mom Jeans

Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
It's no secret that being a mom means something different nowadays. Phone calls have turned into FaceTimes, "Not now, honey, Mommy's busy" has been replaced with $900 tablets, and mommy-monitored Instagram accounts are actually a thing. But one constant that even the mom'est of moms can't get enough of are "mom jeans." With this surge of millennial mothers, though, is the ever-present wardrobe staple even associated with moms anymore? Are we entering the age of "mom-core," or have we been here this whole time?
Between the Saturday Night Live sketch penned by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler that mocked the dated style and the slew of members of Generation Z sporting the look at Coachella, hearing the term "mom jeans" does make us think of the high-waisted denim that's been on-trend since spring and summer 2013, at least.
So why is "mom" a pejorative? Will the style ever become uncool again, or is the "mom" of it all in the eyes of the beholder? (You saw what happened to skinny jeans.) Ahead, we talk to 10 moms to get their take on the term and the article of clothing itself. Mothers know best, right?

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