5 Postnatal Workout Classes In NYC That Let You Bring Your Baby

Photo: Getty Images.
For many of us, picturing a "mommy and me" workout conjures up images of Insta fitness mommy bloggers doing impressive physical stunts with a baby in tow or using their baby as a weight like it's no big deal. Obviously, that's not always what a postnatal workout looks like.
A mommy and me workout can be a welcome break in the middle of your day, plus it's an opportunity to spend some quality time with your baby. While some moms do go back to their pre-kid exercise routines right away, for other people, the transition isn't so smooth. Studies suggest that regular postnatal exercise can improve people's psychological wellbeing (anyone who's practiced yoga with a giggling baby could tell you that). And a workout class can also be a chance to meet and bond with other like-minded parents in your area.
In honor of Mother's Day, here are some of the best postnatal, parent-and-baby workout classes in New York City. Even if the workout isn't exactly your speed, consider the class an opportunity to hang with your baby for an uninterrupted hour.