16 Inspiring Photos Of Postpartum Women In Action

Photographed by Andi Elloway.
Mainstream depictions of motherhood often reduce moms to "types" (frazzled and unkempt or career-focused and cold). It's rare that we see a mom who cares for her kids and also takes time for herself. And badass moms in media? Forget it. Of course, there are plenty of real moms who break this mold every day.
We spoke with and photographed five women who take pride in being physically active while also, you know, raising children. Whether they cycle or lift weights, these women prove that motherhood isn't a limitation when it comes to being an athlete. More often than not, it's an opportunity for self-discovery.
After speaking to these women about their respective journeys through pregnancy and childbirth, one thing that's consistent across their stories is how their passion for fitness enhanced their relationships with their pre- and postpartum bodies — and even changed their approach to motherhood.
We might not see moms like this that often, but that doesn't mean they aren't out there, hitting the gym, competing as Olympic lifters, even training other moms. Click through to meet some seriously badass mothers.
Interviews have been edited for length and clarity. Special thanks to CrossFit Prospect Heights.

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