These Are The Beauty Versions Of Those Handheld Misting Fans You Had At Camp

When I was 11 years old and spent my summers in hot, humid, sticky Singapore, I came up with what I thought was a grand idea at the time: portable, personal air conditioners — a cooling boombox, if you will. Alas, I never brought this idea to Shark Tank and made millions; instead, I settled on the next best thing: cooling skin-care products.
In addition to ditching my heavy creams and foundations in preparation for the scorching temps, I've started seeking out products that literally force my skin to chill out. I'm talking soothing gels, tingling cleansers, icy-cold eye balms, and face mists that rival those hand-held fans we all brought to camp.
Ahead, check out seven skin-care wonders that'll keep you cool — and hydrated, de-puffed, and sun-protected — from now through September.

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