Mischa Barton’s (Pretty Cute!) Handbags: Can We Call This A Comeback?

Over the past few years, maybe you've asked yourself, "Where has Mischa Barton been?" Or maybe you haven't. Either way, we've got the scoop: The sometimes British, sometimes actress, has been busy at work making her comeback in the fashion world, with a new line of bags we'd actually sport. Last week, Mischa (who looks great!) gathered some guests (of some guests) at Lower East Side boutique, A. Turen for a first look at the eco-friendly leather goods. Her eponymous line is totally reasonable in price and definitely cute enough to tote around town. And stylist June Ambrose agrees. Ambrose's Vh1 reality TV cameras were rolling throughout the entire event, since she's on team Mischa all the way. So, is Ms. Barton going the reality track to mount her comeback? While we were ducking the cameras when possible (what's she doing on Vh1, anyways?), we were happy to see Marissa Cooper back in the swing of things, and look forward to more of her bags, and even to more of her.

Photo: Courtesy of R Couri Hay PR, photographed by Josh Wong Photography