This Victoria’s Secret Bra Makes Miranda Kerr Feel Like $2.5 Million

We're all for indulging in some sexy underthings, but nothing tops the ultimate luxury lingerie: The annual, multi-million-dollar Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra. We stopped by the Lexington Avenue VS to get up-close-and-personal with 142 carats (!!) and chat with this year's honorary wearer, Miranda Kerr. Mrs. Bloom (and mamma to nine-month-old Flynn) looked gorgeous fresh off the heels of walking in Paris Fashion Week—posing with the aqua-colored, pearl-strung, and seriously-sparkling Fantasy Treasure Bra designed by London Jewelers. As a first-time honoree to wear this year's $2.5 million Victoria's Secret treasure, Miranda and fellow angels are now prepping for the big debut at the 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (set those DVRs for CBS on November 29), but first she briefing chatted with us about her pre-show iPod picks, less-than-lux picks, and why Paul Simon inspires her bling. Yes, you heard right.
How did it feel when you first tried on the bra?
"Well, it felt very magical. I mean you definitely feel like $2.5 million when you put this on. It's an incredible bra and it's such a piece of art."
Is it heavy?
"It's not too heavy, no. Not as heavy as the wings."
Well, is it as comfortable as any other bra?
"Well I wouldn't say that, but it's pretty comfortable and I like the way it feels. I like the way the pearls feel on the skin. It's the pearls and a little bit of the aquamarine that touches the skin, and I quite like that feeling."
So, for the big show, what's your craziest pre-show ritual?
"It's really cool because this year Kayne West is singing and that's always really nice to have music going in the background. It's always so much fun. Cee Lo Green is going to be there and Maroon 5. It's going to be a really great performance I think."
Do you have a favorite get-pumped song?
"Not at the moment. I have an iPod playlist that has a mixture of everything from hip hop to Marlene Dietrich. It's quite a wide variety."
A $2.5 million bra is quite an indulgence, but what's your favorite cheap thrill?
"I don't know, they have so many wonderful things at Victoria's Secret. It's like a fantasy in here. What do they have there? Like a special on panties, three for $25 or three for $30."

Beside the Fantasy Bra, if you could bling out any other item in your wardrobe what would it be?
"You know the Paul Simon song? 'Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes?' Maybe the shoes. Imagine having sparkly shoes? You'd be like Dorothy, take me home."

Photo: Courtesy of Victoria's Secret