This $10 Lip Scrub Might Actually Be Worth It After All

There's an ongoing debate raging at Refinery29 over lip scrub. None of us deny that exfoliating your lips is necessary — it is especially if you want your lipstick to look good in the winter — but we're divided over whether one should buy a product to do it or DIY the treatment at home. It seems to all come down to how much time and spare cash you have. I don't have much of either, so while I don't feel like whipping up my own sugar-honey paste every time I see a flake, I also don't want to shell out $30 for a fancy little glass pot of basic ingredients. But $10? Yeah, I can get on board with that. Milani's Keep It Sweet Sugar Lip Scrub has an endless list of perks: It can be found at the drugstore, is large enough to last you half the year, looks chic as hell, and tastes like sweet vanilla (but not too sweet). And, of course, it works. It's just the right amount of gritty and nourishing to scrape off all the dead stuff while protecting and softening the healthy skin. Follow it up with a rich balm or lip oil, then bask in the satisfaction of knowing you don't have yet another mixing bowl and spoon to wash. Milani Keep It Sweet Sugar Lip Scrub, $10, available at Milani.

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