Could You Live Your Life In All Denim Like This Woman?

Every now and then, we fall prey to fashion ruts, wearing the same pieces over and over again until we can barely stand to look at them. (Thank god for the change of season, right?) This type of style fatigue doesn't affect everyone, though. Take Munich-based art director/blogger/long-boarder Mija Flatau — girl can't get enough of her denim. A quick troll through her Instagram account, @mija_mija, shows nary a snap without some form of jean in the frame, and that's just the way Flatau and her 200,000-plus followers like it.
Favoring styles by One Teaspoon, Acne, Céline, and Alexander Wang, she describes her sartorial taste as a mix between minimalism and "Bavarian-California" laid-back. This much we can glean from her pared-down approach to styling and accessorizing, accenting finished looks with single-strap heels or sneakers and a delicate gold bracelet, should the mood strike her. Of course, we wouldn't say Flatau's wardrobe is denim-only 24/7. From time to time, even this dresser strays from her tried-and-true denim roots — but never for long.
If you like what you see, follow her 'grams for plenty more clever styling cues, and shop a few of the effortless looks ahead, too.

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