We Gave 5 Men Major Brow Makeovers — & This Is What Happened

Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
Of all the features on the human face, many of us pay the most attention to our eyebrows. Perhaps it's because they're so easily altered, or maybe because they're one of our most expressive features. For some, they're a reminder of grooming gone wrong (those of us who rocked "tadpole" brows in the late '90s can attest to this), while others see brows as a source of glamour (fans of Instagram's ombré, feather, or soap brows know the feeling). But no matter which side of the spectrum you fall, chances are you've got a lot of opinions on how you like your arches to look. You may even have a tried-and-true grooming method.
As brow trends have changed, the methods and products used to shape them have followed suit. We've asked our female colleagues to partake in the latest treatments in the past, but after an overwhelming response from our male co-workers, we decided to spread the love. Ahead, we tested five of the most popular brow techniques on male R29ers — each of which started with very Spartan grooming routines.
Keep clicking to see the transformations.

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