5 Women Transform Their Looks With Brow Makeovers

We're currently experiencing what could best be described as a renaissance of brows — a brow-aissance, if you will. In the past few years, eyebrows went from being an afterthought or a source of not-so-fond memory of youthful mistakes — a.k.a. the dreaded "tadpole" arches — to a feature of intense fascination. Thanks to a runway resurgence, full-browed beauties like Lily Collins, and a slew of new launches and treatments, brows are back in a bigger, bolder way.
That's all well and good for models and celebrities. But what does that mean for those of us with average arches, who don't have brow pros on speed-dial? Thanks to new technologies and greater accessibility to treatments, it means that anyone — with a little bit of time and $ — can have the brows of their dreams.
The treatment options for defining, refining, and boosting your brows are myriad, and more than a little intimidating. Knowing which one is going to be the most beneficial for your brows seems like it requires a Mensa membership to deduce. That's where we come in: We forced (erm, asked politely) five R29 staffers to donate their arches to the cause and try a different treatment each — shaping, filling in, tinting, extensions, and tattooing.
We enlisted brow expert Bob Scott; Wink Brow Bar's Umbreen Sheikh; and Browhaus NYC's Carol Wah and Jady Lit Tsui to give us the lowdown on each method, and then asked each staffer to tell us all about their new brows.
Read on to see their epic transformations, and find out which arch aesthetic is best for you.

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