R29’s Favorite Lube Now Comes In A Warming Version

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If you've been here for a bit, chances are you're already familiar with Maude's Shine Lubricant. The aloe- and water-based lube has a near-perfect 4.9 out of 5 stars on Maude's site and has been a favorite of R29 readers and editors since its launch. With buzzwords like "organic" and "pH balanced" and "sustainable," more than one review boasts that it's the "best lube" on the market. Which is why when we heard Maude was launching a new lubricant, we were immediately intrigued. How could they possibly improve on what fans had already deemed "the best?" Well, folks, it turns out the sexual wellness geniuses at Maude have really upped the ante. This week, the brand launched a new warming lubricant that maintains everything customers already love about Shine but added a gentle warming sensation to maximize clitoral pleasure. Friends, it's time to meet your new favorite lubricant: Heat.
Made with Shine's same water- and pH-balanced formula, Heat is a surefire (pun intended) hit. Using a small concentration of capsaicin (extract from chili peppers that give your tongue that spicy tingling feeling), Heat increases blood flow to your vulva, resulting in a warm sensation that encourages arousal. Unlike most other intimacy oils, Heat is safe to use with condoms, both internally and externally, because it is a water-based lubricant.

The lubricant, which just launched yesterday, only has one review to its name at the moment, but the 5-star rave speaks for itself. "Honestly, this was the first time either me or my partner had tried a warming lubricant and we weren't sure what to expect," the reviewer says. "We both really liked it! It takes a couple of minutes to feel, but it is really different from their organic lube which we also use and love. Definitely recommend starting slow and figuring out how much works for you, because we each felt it differently. Another great product from Maude!"

Another great product from Maude!

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As the review explains, each person will feel the warming sensation differently. Just as we all have varying tolerances for spice on our tongue, apparently the same goes for our more intimate bits. Which is why Maude recommends trying out a small test patch to make sure it's compatible with sensitive mucous membranes and adding more, little by little, until you reach your desired sensation. This is made easy with the bottle's pump top, which like its non-heating counterpart locks to prevent spills. (It also gives it the air of fabulously expensive hand cream, if that's an additional appeal).

I found that Heat worked best for me when I started with a dime-size dollop and rubbed it into all the nooks and crannies of my vulva for a minute and then adding a similar-size squirt of Shine to spread the sensation and keep it going. I wasn't sure if adding Shine would dilute the experience, but in fact, it had the opposite effect: It prolonged the warming sensation (almost like drinking water when you have a spicy mouth) and helped me reach my orgasm even faster. Though it didn't necessarily feel like the sizzling sensation I have gotten from other arousal oils, the warm blanket felt cozier, like the warm flush you get after taking a shot of whisky...only on your clit. It definitely helped me get aroused quickly, and I was impressed at how long-lasting it was. The warming sensation was still present when I came down from my orgasmic high. I do think that's, in large part, because I combined it with Maude's Shine though.
Perfectly paired with Heat, Shine is a must-have for everyone's nightstands. The organic, natural formula is safe for sex toys and condoms, and it's made with skin-hydrating aloe to keep all your bits moisturized and eliminate annoying dryness below the belt.

Not only do pleased customers love the vegan formula, but they're obsessed with the lube's actual function, too. "More than i could have hoped for or imagined," writes one happy reviewer. Another gushes that it's perfect for her sensitive skin because "it's silky smooth without getting sticky." Fans also rave about its long-lasting "life-changing" capabilities. "Not our first bottle," says another. And I have a feeling it won't be their last.
Pair your new lubricant(s) with any of Maude's ultra-chic vibrators below for an orgasmic experience as hot as the oncoming summer months.
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