Maude’s Reader-Favorite Organic Lube Is BACK In Stock

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All too often, lube is considered a supporting actor when it comes to sexcapades — not a starring role. That might be because traditional lube can look and feel medical, not sexy. But Maude's Shine Organic is here to change that. Most drugstore lubes often feature a list of unpronounceable ingredients in a need-to-be-hidden-away squeeze bottle. Maude, on the other hand, has won over legions of fans (and an R29 MVP seal of approval) for its silky, body-friendly formula and elegant (dare we say display-worth?) bottle. Think we're exaggerating? We're truly talking limited-edition streetwear drops-levels of popular, with the cult fav sold out for months at a time.
In case you haven't gotten up close and personal with the stuff yourself, let us give a brief intro: The Brooklyn-based sex startup's fan-favorite 100% natural lube is formulated with gentle aloe for a hydrating experience, making it ideal for use around your most sensitive areas. In my experience, the stuff feels less like a Slip 'n Slide and more like a touch of cushion-y moisture right where you want it. No cleanup is required, and the lube itself is as gentle as it gets. Featuring an ingredients list that you can actually understand, it's skyrocketed to R29 reader star status not just because it gets the job done (which it does) — it's a lube you can genuinely feel good about using time and time again (which we certainly hope you are).

"Listen... take my money any day, I did not expect this little thing to be this amazing."

maude reviewer
"This is honestly the most natural-feeling lube I've ever used, and one that lasts the longest, too," writes one satisfied reviewer. "I struggle with recurring yeast infections and wanted something as natural and close to my body's lubrication as possible, which wouldn't cause irritation or throw off my body's pH. Thanks Maude, I'm a lifelong customer now." Another happy reviewer was a bit more succinct: "Listen... take my money any day, I did not expect this little thing to be this amazing."
Since May of this year, the elusive bottle has been sold out on Maude's website, but is officially back and available for purchase as of today. (Cue fanfare!) An 8oz. bottle retails for $25, but as many reviewers mention, a little goes a long way, so it's still an investment you can feel great about making.
Lastly, Shine Organic has also earned accolades for being ideal for couples trying to conceive: "I suffer from vaginal dryness and frequent infections due to very delicate pH levels," explains one reviewer. "My husband and I are also actively trying to conceive, so finding a lube that's TTC friendly is important. This lube does that and more."

"Didn't realize how gross and sticky my other lubes were until we tried this one. It's glorious."

maude reviewer
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