Forget Planking: MK&A Want You To Hug It Out

Join the Stylemint T Moment movement and Olsen sister sensation (even Anna Wintour is a fan) by getting in on the newest contest presented by the pint-sized designer duo. In what is potentially the cutest promotional video to ever land in our inbox, watch Mary Kate and Ashley "plank," "stork," and "owl" (it's totally a real thing) while building up to the newest iteration of the internet phenomenon, just in time for the holidays — hugging! All together now...awwww.
Stylemint is looking for the best video or photo of fans embracing those they are most thankful for. The lucky winner of the sweetest squeeze will be chosen by the wonder-twins themselves, and will receive one free year of Stylemint membership, including 12 months of limited-edition tees. And in the true spirit of the season, Stylemint will be donating 10% of every tee purchased this month to support Thanksgiving dinners for Women In Need, in NYC. Don't ya just want to pick up the Olsen pair and put them in your purse!?! ...Okay, maybe that's just us. But they're entirely precious, and we're definitely hugging around the office for entries. Submit your pics and vids here on the Stylemint Facebook page.

Photo: Courtesy of DualStar