Margie Plus Proves Curvy Women Can (& Should) Wear Whatever They Want

Photographed by Lauren Perlstein.
One look at plus-size blogger Margie Ashcroft's website, Margie Plus, and you'll know the New York-based writer, stylist, and singer isn't one to shy away from anything. In fact, with her changing technicolor hair, penchant for loud colors and patterns (and wearing them all at the same time), and thrift store finds (seriously, this woman knows how to score some treasures), it's clear that what other people refer to as fashion "risks" are what Ashcroft simply considers getting dressed.
But style isn't merely about how one pairs certain items with others, or accessorizes in a way that has people saying "wow," it has to deal with confidence, body positivity, and recognizing that personal style is something everyone can embrace, regardless of size, race, or gender. And Ashcroft is a champion of that. As she says ahead, she may be plus-size, but that doesn't mean she's not going to wear crop tops, or denim shorts, or every miniskirt under the rainbow. Wearing whatever you want? That's a style philosophy we can get behind.
Special thanks to Urban Jungle.

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