Window Shopper: Marc Jacobs X Peseta Sailor Backpack

When it comes to summer fashion, nothing says "I just got back from a yachting trip in Marbella" quite so much as nautical accessories. So consider Marc Jacob's new collaboration with Spanish brand Peseta, The Marc Jacobs x Peseta Sailor Backpack, your first-class ticket to Andalusia. Rich enough to channel summer houses and sailing tans, these backpacks (the ladies will be wearing them as shoulder bags, claro) are sea-worthy without being flashy. Choose between three traditional Spanish fabric patterns with an anchor stamping on the bottom, at a very un-trans-Atlantic cost of $165. If this video doesn't convince you, nothing will.

Available at Marc by arc Jacobs, 403 Bleecker Street (at West 11th Street); 212-924-0026.