What’s 400 More Lbs? Marc Jacobs Could Be Screwed, And Wintour’s War

This local gal hopes to be the heaviest in the world. Come on lady, New Jersey already has a bad name! Reuters)

Anna Wintour
hates Jamaicans. Well, Jamaican restaurants. And Serge Becker too. (The Cut)

Marc Jacob's ex BF may write a tell-all. Now let's just hope they didn't make a sex-tape. (Fashion Indie)
Waiting thirty minutes in the torrential rain? No big deal for the die-hard DVF fans at yesterday's sample sale. And from what we hear, it was worth the wait. (Racked)
Is Bravo's Million Dollar Matchmaker the equivalent to a hooker selling her wares on craigslist? We'll let you be the judge, but this guy sure thinks so. (Huffington Post)