Marc Jacobs Gets A Cocaine Delivery, Banksy's Here, And The Gov Ignores Obama For Barney's

The Marc Jacobs store on Mercer Street got sent a package full of cocaine. We still don't know who it was actually for. (Page Six)
Speaking of blow, next September Christie's will auction Isabella Blow's insane collection of couture. Up on the block will be over 90 Alexander Mcqueen items. Start saving now...(Huffington Post)
Is the Limelight Market actually cool? Two fabulous spies give us the skinny. (this is fyf)
Banksy has showed up, at least judging by some graffiti down on Wall Street. (Gothamist)
Governor Patterson ignores Obama to party at, uh, Barney's. Don't worry, it was for a good cause! (Paper)

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