Sneaky Makeup Tricks To Help Hide The Holiday Bloat (No, Really!)

Contouring has never been a makeup trick we've really felt the need to master — it always just seemed way too tricky and time-consuming. Well, that was before we indulged in a major way, yesterday, and started sporting what can only kindly be described as a puffy face.
We've heard that the great art of sculpting can help create the optical illusion of a skinnier visage, so we asked celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal to give us a basic sculpting primer. Using her tricks, plus a contouring powder, you can do everything from camouflage a double chin to fake supermodel cheekbones with just a quick swipe of the blush brush. They're a great quick fix, low-effort option to help you look slimmer, at least until you get yourself back on a regular workout schedule, to shed that superfluous holiday poundage.
Photo: MCV Photo

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