Try Our Trainer's Workout Before Your Holiday Calorie Fest

Holiday season prep is officially on, and while you're getting ready to give and receive, don't forget about all the festive treats and yummies that come along with the seasonal fun. If prevention really is better than a cure, get moving now, before the epic calorie-fest ensues. Enter Kim Samborski, the local trainer who's a total know-it-all (in a good way). She's helping us prep for the holidays like the pro she is, with a custom list of exercises and nutrition advice to get into now. Click through to see some easy ways you can get your body in gear and start the holiday season ahead of the work out game, instead of playing catch-up later, New Year's resolution style. Prepare to eat, drink, and be merry, the smart way.
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Push up/ Plank Walk/ Side Rotation

3 sets
12 repetitions per set

1. Start in push up position with your hands wider than shoulder width apart, feet together and your shoulders lined up over your wrists.
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2. Inhale: lower yourself down into a push up.
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3. Exhale: push yourself back up into starting position straightening your arms.

4. Inhale: move your left hand next to your right and take a step to the side with your right foot (your hands should be together and your feet apart).

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5. Exhale: walk your right hand over while your left foot moves next to your right (your hands are now apart and feet together).

6. Hold that position while you inhale.

Kimmy Tip: "Always make sure to engage your glutes so that your tail bone stays down in position throughout the exercise."
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7. Exhale: slowly turn your body toward the right side of the room making sure your shoulders & hip bones are completely rotated. Reach your right arm up toward the ceiling.

8. Inhale: hold that position keeping your focus up toward your hand.

9. Exhale: slowly return back to push up position and repeat from the beginning now moving to the left.

Nutrition Tip #1

Eat Breakfast!
"I hear so many people say "I didn't have time to eat breakfast", or "I'm trying to lose a couple pounds so I'm just going have a cup of coffee when I wake up" Wrong! They don't call it the most important meal of the day for nothing. Breakfast is simply 'breaking the fast'. Think about it for a second, we haven't eaten since dinner and we expect our bodies to be fueled and ready to get us through our day 10-12 hours later? That's just unrealistic, especially if you think you're going get a killer workout in. Just by taking an extra 10 minutes out of your morning to eat breakfast, you'll improve your attention span, focus, and productivity, it will help you maintain a healthy weight and improve your metabolism."
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Unilateral Row

3 sets
12-15 repetitions on each side

1. Start with placing your right hand and left knee down onto a bench with your right leg extended out directly behind your right shoulder.

Kimmy Tip: "Engaging those glutes and pressing your belly-button in toward your spine will help your leg stay in position."

NOTE: If you are a beginner place both feet on the floor.
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2. Exhale: with a dumbbell in your left hand, palm facing in pull your elbow up toward the ceiling Inhale: slowly lower the dumbbell back down into your starting position.

Kimmy Tip: "Keep your focus down throughout the exercise to help the neck stay in line with the spine and also think of shooting your chest through your arms to maintain a flat back position."

Nutrition Tip #2

Don't be afraid to ask for EXACTLY what you want when ordering at a restaurant.
"Be careful! Just because you're ordering a grilled chicken breast with veggies doesn't mean they're not dousing it in butter before serving it to you. To make sure you're getting what you want, always ask for no butter or oil when preparing your entree. Also ask them to hold the cheese, croutons, and bacon on your salads with dressing on the side and if the "soup of the day" has the word cream in front of it....stay away! It might take an extra few minutes to place the order and your server might roll his or her eyes at you but in the end you will be saving yourself hundreds of calories!"
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Around the World

3 sets
8-10 repetitions each side

1. Start standing with both feet together.

2.Inhale: lift the left knee up toward the ceiling.

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3. Exhale: slowly extend that left leg directly in front of the left shoulder making sure to fully extend the knee Inhale: bending that left knee slowly bring it thru into a reverse lunge.

Kimmy Tip: "In a lunge position you always want your shoulders to line up over your hips, your tail bone should shoot straight down toward the floor and the foot that is in back should be up on the toes."
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4. Exhale: slowly lift the left foot and place it parallel to your right foot ending in a squat position.

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Kimmy Tip: "In a squat you want to sit down and back placing your weight into your heels. You should be able to wiggle your toes up off the floor."

5. Inhale: with control straighten both legs into a lateral leg raise. All your weight is shifted onto your right leg and your left leg is directly beside you.

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6. Exhale: slowly bring your left leg back to starting position.

Book your own training session with Kim! Email her or contact her at Equinox in the Loop, at 200 West Monroe (at Wells Street); 312-252-3100.
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Nutrition Tip #3

Start a food diary!
"Recording everything you eat is a great way to keep yourself on track and it forces you to be aware of what you decide to put in your body on a daily basis. It's as simple as buying a small, inexpensive journal, and keeping it in your purse, briefcase, or backpack. After you've eaten a meal or snack write it down. You'll be surprised when you look at it the end of the day and see all the things you've eaten or haven't eaten. It may seem tedious at first, but it will help you more quickly develop better and healthier eating habits and in the end that's what we all want, right?"

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