Bet You Never Knew Your Makeup Could Do THIS

At this point in our lives, patting on eyeshadow or smoothing on foundation is a no-brainer. Once you learn the technique, it all boils down to muscle memory. But, just as you can hack even the simplest things in life — say, the coolest way to tie your shoes or cuff your sleeves — there are clever ways to get more out of your everyday beauty products. You just need some tips from the pros, which is why we tapped makeup artist Anna Webber for the superhero-like transformations. 
Get ready to see how dental floss is the secret weapon behind a perfect winged tip and find out what bareMinerals product hydrates, covers all, and leaves your skin looking positively glowy. And, you bet there are more beauty hacks where those came from. We have seven, in fact.
So, how does the line go — ask not what your makeup products can do for you, ask what you can do with your makeup products...right? 

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