L.A.’s Craziest Tinder Horror Stories

Dating in 2015 can be an uncanny experience, especially in a city that's filled with actors, models, and screenwriters. Thanks to apps like Tinder, a quick swipe to the right can bring you the person of your dreams...or your cleverly disguised worst nightmare.
Personally, I know this all too well. I once met a guy who texted me a picture of a sonogram as his excuse for the radio silence after our second date. His ex-girlfriend had, apparently, become pregnant, yet he still wanted to see me. The photo arrived on Christmas, like a present I wish I had never opened. I simply replied, "New phone, who's this?"
If you're single, chances are you've also tested the waters of mobile dating apps. While I truly believe in "casting the net wide," when it comes to finding love, a horrible dating experience can be traumatizing enough to turn a person off from using a site or app ever again.
Of course, there are stories out there far worse than my own. To prove it, I sought out nine of the most frightening Tinder tales of all time. While all identities remain concealed, let's not forget these less-than-stellar dates are still out there, swiping, chatting, and being generally horrifying. From a hot-tempered plastic surgeon to a double-booked gym rat, read on to know that you’re not alone in the mad, mad world of digital dating.