7 Hollywood Personal Assistants Spill All

Being a personal assistant can be a humbling experience. While there are certainly pros to a job that immerses you in the lives of the rich and powerful, it can also reveal the ugly side of humanity. Assistants see everything — from their employer’s daily schedule to their most intimate moments. It can feel like a roller coaster, with a boss acting like a demon from hell one minute and gifting their assistant an expensive bag the next.
Bosses everywhere have their quirks, but a town like Los Angeles — with its abundance of celebrities and moguls — can breed a particularly terrifying species. Being an assistant might as well earn you a degree in the psychology of human behavior. And while some former assistants would prefer to leave their traumatizing employment experience in the past, there are the ones who have felt scorned enough to write a juicy memoir.
Read on for seven scary stories from former assistants with bosses from hell, from a germaphobe actress to a Miranda Priestly wannabe. If you’ve ever been the assistant to an eccentric executive or crazy celebrity, find comfort in knowing that you’re not alone.