What L.A.'s Most Stylish Are Buying This Fall

Every September, women across L.A. are stricken with the same dilemma: We’re beyond sick of our cutoffs and crop tops, but the mercury’s still too high to even think about putting on sweaters and boots (even in an air-conditioned dressing room).

But since prime fall shopping season is, well, right this second, we’ve called in the pros for a jolt of sartorial inspiration. Some of L.A.’s best dressed designers, bloggers, and shop gals — whose autumn wardrobes have been meticulously planned since Fashion Month ended last March — have clued us in on their shopping lists, all of which are sure to trigger a little spark of retail lust in even the most die-hard summer girls.

There are also some seriously valuable tips to be gleaned from this stylish set. According to them, turtlenecks are back and sexier than ever, as are old-school Adidas kicks that take one top tastemaker back to her junior high days. Oversized pants, undersized handbags, and just-right red lips are also finding favor with our eclectic crew.

Feeling autumnal yet? If not, grab an iced PSL, conjure up the smell of crispy fall leaves and bonfires, and prepare to be schooled on the art of cool-weather dressing.
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Photo: Courtesy of Geri Hirsch.
Geri Hirsch
Cofounder, LEAF.tv & Blogger, Because I’m Addicted

As one of L.A.’s OG blog stars and the cofounder of LEAF.tv — a video how-to site that spans lifestyle, food, and fashion — it’s Geri Hirsch’s job to be on top of fall’s most covetable trends, while deftly mixing them up in a way that only she can.

“I'm all about adding pieces to my wardrobe that I simply love,” she says. “This fall, it's all about good outerwear, shoes that I'll get a lot of mileage out of, and go-to beauty products.”
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“One of my favorite fall accessories is the good old hat and I always love Janessa Leone's. She has beautiful, rich colors and the styles are so fleeky.”
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“Chillier temperatures and gusty winds can take a toll on our skin, so I like to add a serum to my beauty routine come autumn. This particular one is incredibly rejuvenating.”
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“Stan Smiths were my jam in seventh grade and I'm stoked that they've made it back.”
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“I'm a sucker for splurging on really good outerwear. This season, I'm really tempted to pull the trigger on this Isabel Marant coat. It's such a great classic.”
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“When my tan fades and I need an instant pick-me-up, lipstick is my go-to. This Serge Lutens color is just the right shade of wine to rock all September, October, and November long.”
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“Lace-up flats hit the scene hard and I'm still coveting a pair. This Bionda Castana pair has such great details; they'd make any all-black-everything outfit interesting.”
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“If I woke up and my entire closet had been replaced with Iro's fall collection, I would be one happy girl. It's pretty much everything I'd like to be wearing all autumn long with a French girl twist.”
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“These ladylike boots would look killer with leather pants, jeans, or a dress; the green is a refreshing neutral.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Jess Hannah.
Jess Hannah
Jewelry Designer &

A jewelry designer based in DTLA — who also happens to run a sick fashion blog — Jess Hannah has a minimalist (yet never boring) style all her own.

“I stick to basics with cool silhouettes, like a cropped pant or jumpsuit,” says Hannah, whose jewelry is carried by the likes of Steven Alan and Need Supply Co. “You will rarely find me in a skirt.”

As for her fall fashion philosophy: “Sometimes tomboy, often lazy, never colorful.”
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“Lately, I've been keeping my left hand totally naked — with the exception of my pinky. I almost always sport this guy, hand-engraved (!) with my initial. I add on my matching signet choker and bracelet if I'm feeling extra fancy.”
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“Because who doesn't want a bag that makes them feel like a classy-ass lady?!”
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“I love a good button-up and the CDG logo keeps it playful, not stuffy.”
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"I love the cut of these — it's sort of like a culotte meets a flare meets a wide-leg pant. A nod to the ‘70s without being so literal that you feel like you're in costume.”
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“These with a white tee and oversized cardigan, please.”
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“Low heels have been making my heart melt lately. Partly because I couldn't walk in high heels to save my life and partly because they are SO EFFIN’ CUTE. I want to look like a stylish grandma all day, erryday.”
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“I love this color for fall. And there is something about the structure of the top that is so effortlessly chic...a bit like nurse scrubs, in a good way.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Bo Carney.
Bo Carney
Co-Founder, Mohawk General Store

When Bo Carney and husband Kevin opened Mohawk General Store in 2008, they put Silver Lake on the map as a serious style destination — and the shop is still the top spot on the Eastside for a mix of international heavyweights (Comme des Garçons, Dries Van Noten) and local legends (Jesse Kamm, Gabriela Artigas).

As Carney puts it: “I love classic, yet special pieces in my wardrobe...I don't like to spend too much time deciding what to wear.”
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“The chunky heel makes it realistic for me to wear while the little straps and buckles keep it feminine and sexy.”
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“Skin tends to get dry after all the tanning that happens during summer. It’s nice to recharge with a good scrub at home.”
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“A white turtleneck is such a classy thing to wear in the cooler months under a dark coat. This one by Wolcott : Takemoto has a looser neck, so it's comfortable.”
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“Slouchy trousers are great, because you can wear them so many ways but still be comfortable. I love these by Jacquemus because of the pleating detail in front, which elongates the leg.”
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“I fell in love with argan oil after going to Morocco. Supposedly, it will keep your skin young forever and make all wrinkles go away. Good for the whole body, hair to toe.“
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“A super-soft cashmere scarf is a must-have for fall (and great for travel, too). I’m looking for a nice cream or burgundy.”
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“Now that my hair is shorter, bedhead is more noticeable, so I tend to pull it back more often. These minimalist barrettes are nice because you can instantly achieve a polished look.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Andi Elloway.
Kristen Noel Crawley
Jewelry Designer,

“I’m now in the third trimester of my pregnancy, so comfort is key for fall,” says Kristen Noel Crawley, the woman behind L.A.-based fine jewelry brand KDIA and part time Elle beauty contributor. Yet that doesn’t mean she’s stocking her closet with muumuus. Just like her debut KDIA collection, which reimagined emoji in precious stones, the designer’s autumn wish list is packed with pieces as fanciful as they are fancy.
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“By far the most comfortable bra I’ve ever owned. It oozes sex appeal and effortless sophistication, plus it looks amazing under clothes.”
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“I’m obsessed with bodysuits and Alix makes some of my favorites. This one is special because it has a subtle leather trim on the collar, which really adds a pop of luxury.”
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“I created these earrings as a staple for the modern woman. They literally go with everything and add an instant cool factor to any outfit”
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“This blush stick is so easy to apply and is the perfect shade to complement a variety of skin tones.”
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“A turtleneck and a dress?! Count me in! I would live in this dress...actually, I’m going to. I just ordered it!”
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Photo: Courtesy of Stephanie White.
Stephanie White
Bridal Designer, Odylyne The Ceremony

One look at Stephanie White's collection of vintage-inspired lace bridal gowns and it's obvious she's a lady who appreciates all things handcrafted. But, says White, whose L.A. flagship boutique is opening this month on Fairfax Avenue, "As much as I love to play dress up, I tend to gravitate toward a simple color palette and free-flowing, yet modern, silhouettes. My sense of style is pretty laid-back and effortless."
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"Ryan Roche's fisherman sweater can literally be the only sweater you will need for fall. Pair it with everything! It is one of those sweaters you won’t feel guilty for wearing all the time.”
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"Loving the structured details of this playsuit! So easily perfect dressed up or down...and everyone needs to have a black option for a jumpsuit come this fall!"
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Photo: Courtesy of Ami Lasser.
Ami Lasser
Store Director,

With over 20 years in the industry, Ami Lasser's résumé reads like a what's what of the L.A. shopping scene. From shopgirl to buyer to store director, she's held nearly every position in retail, and it's her job to spot, understand, and translate a trend long before it hits the masses. Her fall picks call upon the Russian ballet, power suiting, and an '80s cult film starring Kim Basinger.
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“I love the look of suiting for women, plus it’s something I feel very comfortable in. There isn't a blazer I don't like — Stella McCartney, Saint Laurent, and Jean Paul Gaultier do them the best. I always steer clients into this look because it's fresh and you look ‘together.’”
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“The idea of Russian ballet is inspiring me for fall: The decadence of lace and tulle mixed with the tights, wrap cardigans, chunky knits and leotards. This dress is a great wearable example. Francesco Scognamiglio is from Italy, and I love the way he sees women. It's sexy, but chic, and never vulgar. I would probably wear a dress like this with a leather jacket over to play it down a bit.”
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“Kim Basinger in 9 1/2 Weeks is my ultimate woman crush. I love how she goes from wearing big coats — like this one — and hats to power suiting towards the end of the film.”
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“Another piece inspired by Kim Basinger in 9 1/2 Weeks...this is the ultimate fall accessory!”
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Photo: Courtesy of Melissa Fleis.
Melissa Fleis
Fashion Designer, Melissa Fleis

If Melissa Fleis looks familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen her on Project Runway season 10 or Project Runway: All Stars season 3. These days, she’s focusing on her own made-in-L.A. apparel line, which is notable for its standout leather pieces and is sold at L.A.’s Church Boutique and Ron Robinson. “This fall is about mixing and matching your own personal trends, without completely adopting another,” she says.
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“Modern, minimal, and practical. Finally a cute little backpack that doesn't scream back to school.”
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“When is a great red lip ever a bad idea? This shade [Deadliest Catch] is killer!“
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“I wasn't aware I needed a gold leather jacket in my life until I came across this beautiful hide. It's an effortlessly wearable statement piece!”
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“One of the best high-waisted jeans on the market. Ksubi never disappoints.”
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“Finding the perfect white boot has always been a challenge. I think I'm in love.”
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“Minimalism with an edge. I love a ring that can stand alone and easily pairs with my other jewelry.”

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