Hipster Haven Alert: Downtown L.A. Welcomes Ace Hotel To The 'Hood!

As much as we live (and we mean live) for new store openings, there’s nothing that gets our hearts-a-poundin’ quite like a hot hotel launch. What can we say — we have a soft spot for poolside cocktails.
So, clearly, we are super stoked to hear that the rumors are indeed true, and our Palm Springs (and Manhattan) home-away-from-home, the Ace Hotel, is finally heading to L.A. The hotel will open its doors in downtown’s ever-expanding Historic Core district — in the United Artists building — just a stone's throw from must-hit mixology haunts like The Varnish and The Association. We’re already fantasizing about the dreamy décor, quirky amenities, and hip bites. Um…staycation, anyone?
Photo: Via Ace Hotel/Facebook.

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