Loomstate and Pamela Love Throw A Psychedelic Party For Planet Earth

Last night, while most of the country was at home watching American Idol, the eco-friendly designer dudes from Loomstate were getting their party on at Good Units in the Hudson Hotel. In honor of our glorious globe, Loomstate founders Rogan Gregory and Scott Hahn joined fashion forces with jewelry designer Pamela Love to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day. But this wasn't your ordinary industry event up in Midtown West—This downtown crowd (us included), led by artist Hisham Akira Bharoocha, got down to the the beats of 40 drummers, had a session with a psychic reader, and got their faces painted, all while bustin' some dope moves to the sounds of DJ Chris Taylor from Grizzly Bear. And just in case you didn't come with your party-head on straight, there was a 20-foot-tall pyramid complete with neon lights and an acid-trip projection installation to set everyone in an ecstatic mood. Check out our slide-show with party snaps. We promise it looks more like a trip to the moon than a party on the planet.