12 Long-Sleeved T-Shirts Perfect For Layering

Like most things nowadays, sleeves aren't what they used to be. What was once just a piece of cylindrical fabric covering your arm is now a palette for designers to wreak havoc. For the past few seasons, we've seen brands turn their focus towards sleeves, and the result has been glorious: intentionally too-long sleeves, extra sleeves, short sleeves over long sleeves, and everything in between. Now, sleeves are on our radar, even in the dead of summer.
Enter the long-sleeved graphic tee. It's super-casual, very cool, and complements all the skirts, shorts, and pants in your closet (and it looks even better under a slip dress). If you want an effortless outfit that still looks fly, you're in for a treat. Click through to shop 12 of our picks ahead, and get ready to sleeve the rest behind.