Hometown Holiday Shopping: The Best Indie Boutiques Near You

Illustrated by Mary Galloway.
You’re home for the holidays. The tryptophan has worn off, and you want to shop. But, where do you start? It's been a while since you actually lived in the same town as your family, and your once-favorite stores just don’t stack up anymore. Fear not, hometown shopper: We've rounded up the best off-the-beaten-track boutiques that even you locals at heart may not know of yet.
We chose shops for their standout indie offerings, so you can refer back to this list any time, but many also have stellar deals during this, the best shopping weekend of the year. From Houston to Portland, Philly to Minneapolis, whether the city's your childhood stomping ground or where your S.O.'s uncle just retired, it's hiding hotspots worthy of any homeward-bound traveler.
For anyone heading to NYC, L.A., San Fran, and Chicago? We’ve got your local holiday shopping covered, too, just not in this particular list. Here, we wanted to give the boutiques in destinations beyond the big four their due. So, pack your bags (with extra room), and let's go home.

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