Get Thirsty For 9 Of NYC’s Best Cocktails

Five o'clock rolls around and Happy Hour is on the brain. Ok fine, so it's more like 1 o'clock, but you deserve a drink! NYC mixologists would cringe at the mundane vodka tonic or Pinot Grigio you usually guzzle, so, lucky for your liver, we've concocted a list of the nine best cocktails at cocktail bars to order up right now that you can be proud to pose with. Gin, bourbon, rum? Whatever your poison of choice, we got it! On our list? Everything from a jalapeno-infused tequila, the mother of all Bloody Marys, a sake martini, and a drink served up by a Brooklyn punch connoisseur that's nothing like the frat-house juice your friends warned about in college. So go ahead and get tempted by the tasty selections to satisfy your creative palette. Shouldn't every hour be a happy hour?
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