L.A.'s Hot List: 9 Scene-y Places That Aren't Obvious

We all know the obvious picks: Chateau Marmont for celeb-spotting, Beacher's Madhouse for a dose of debauchery, Cecconi's for those who crave the ultra-luxe WeHo vibe. So, forgive us if the tried-and-true is also a little yawn-inducing, especially when Los Angeles has so many gems that fly just below the average radar. If your New Year's resolution is to expand your socializing boundaries, here are 9 spots that are just as hip as they are off the well-beaten path. Oh, and to prove how each spot is a magnet for well-heeled Angelenos, we've also tracked which celebs can be spotted in the vicinity. So take our guide for a spin and see how many of these in-the-know revelers' favorites you already know.

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