These Handbags Are Going To Sell Out As Soon As They Launch

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It’s no secret we’re not always the most minimal bunch when it comes to fashion. With shoes and handbags specifically, we tend to go the more-is-more route with sparkles, metallics, embellishments, and everything in between. But, there’s one accessories brand that may be able to convert even the most die-hard maximalists (or, at least get them to make an exception).
Liner’s new collection already has 2,000 people who have pre-ordered the bags, patiently waiting until they ship in September. More specifically, the Tulip (a fresh take on the bucket bag) and the Mini (a classic saddle bag) have major potential to sell out at launch. In fact, the brand is projecting to reach $1 million in pre-orders by late August — and yes, that’s people waiting three to five months just to get their hands on one. If you want to join in, the items are currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo for much less than retail price (savings range from $20-$100 off the future cost), so we can see why people are going for it.
Click on to see these much-anticipated bags for yourself, along with some similarly minimalist picks that’ll have you considering a more understated handbag for once.