Lindsay Lohan's Scandalous White Dress Sells Out

"Courtroom chic" may be the new catch phrase following Lindsay Lohan's appearance in a certain white dress as she was walking into her hearing about...hmm, what's she in for again? Oh well, doesn't matter! The girl looked good, and it seems that the hundreds of other girls who went out to purchase the now sold-out Kimberly Ovitz $575 long-sleeved mini dress would have to agree as well. Allegedly, Lohan is being charged for jewelry theft, has been thrown in jail and rehab for drug and alcohol abuse, yet all eyes are still on her for the latest trends. It boggles the mind, and even Lindsay thinks so too: " ... What I wear to court shouldn't be front page news. It's just absurd. God bless xox L." she tweeted. Well put, Lindsay. (LAWeekly)

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