Linden Green: So Refreshing, You’ll Never Wear Black Again

You're about to go shopping, and you've got a solid mental checklist of all the pieces you absolutely need. But — wait. Stop right there. What if, rather than keeping your eyes peeled for a pair of loafers or plaid trousers, you search for a certain color tone?
We're firm believers that fall shouldn't be about simply refreshing your wardrobe with the latest trends. Not when Pantone's culled us a fresh, seasonal palette guide. This time, we're taking inspiration from Linden Green because, let's face it, our closets could use a little light amongst a dark sea of clothes.
The shade is somewhere between wasabi and ecru, and every bit as revitalizing as we could ask for now that we're being hit with chillier winds and shorter days. Ahead, your new not-so-mental checklist for fall.