10 Pieces Of Furniture To Buy From LimeWire’s Soho Office

Do you remember LimeWire? We may—those Coldplay songs had to come from somewhere. Unfortunately the free music sharing site shuttered due to legal problems in December, but during their heyday, the company had a stunning Social Network-worthy office in the heart of Soho. The space is going the way of the site, resulting in a tag sale that has interior decorators salivating. Today the Wall Street Journal unearthed a Tumblr, SoHo For Sale, that's selling off Limewire's design-y furniture at prices—for the quality of goods on offer—that are seriously reasonable. Look for Eames chairs, a Coleman desk, and rolling tables that will make for one powerful pad.
Click through to see 10 of our favorite pieces for sale, or go the Tumblr for all the deets!