Laura And Kate Mulleavy Hang With Martha Stewart For A Special Siblings Episode


If you know anything about
, you know that sisters and designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy, have an incredible eye for detail and extreme appreciation for all things, umm, eccentric. There's no doubt that the girls are somewhat mysterious, which doesn't hurt the ethereal mystique of their brand. So, you can imagine how excited (and not just a little bit surprised) we were when we found out that they'll be making an appearance on prime-time TV. And color us more shocked when we learned that their outlet of choice was the the one-and-only Martha Stewart Show. The occasion? A special siblings episode next Thursday, May 20th, where they'll be showcasing 5 of their conceptual creations and explaining the process and inspirations behind each piece. Who knows, they may even bake some goodies with Martha and cook up some Swarovski covered chocolate chip cookies! Or maybe not. Either way, we'll be tuning in!

May 20th, 2010, 11:00a.m., NBC