We Planned Your Future Bachelorette Party

Design by Louisa Cannell.
It all comes down to this moment: You've got the outfit, you've sorted the invite list, and you've already warned everyone you know to be prepared for an inordinate amount of Instagram stories. No, we're not talking about your wedding; we're talking about your bachelorette party. Whether you're planning on going the full-out, monogrammed tees and tiaras route or are just looking forward to getting all your favorite people together in one place, there's no locale quite like Vegas to throw the ultimate pre-wedding party.
In partnership with Las Vegas, we’re bringing you a guide to the best of the city, from dining to hotels to activities, all based on what kind of bachelorette experience you're looking to have. Planning on casino- and club-hopping? We got you. Need something a little tamer or less conventional? We've got that, too. Just remember: What happens at your bachelorette party, stays at your bachelorette party. That’s how the saying goes — right?