Lady Gaga Reads Aloud A Bedtime Story Not Fit For Kids

The Night Before Christmas may or may not be Lady Gaga's style, but we would never turn down a little story time with Mama Monster herself. Dressed (somewhat) toned-down in a sequin gown and oversized fascinator, the pop princess lounges on a loveseat and takes a crack at the Terry Richardson-collaboration photography book, Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson, in this video we first spotted on E!. With some wandering eye contact and fingernail scanning not to lose her place, Gaga reads us her introduction to the mega-sized folio that will be available November 22, beginning with "I've waited my entire life to be photographed by Terry Richardson"— and then sufficiently creeping us out with her mention of the "giggling noise he makes at 4:30 in the morning when he's caught me in bed, click (giggle), click, click." Not quite the typical dreamy bedtime story, but overall the intro is a sweet ode to the special bond between two extra-special individuals. Next up: an exciting ABC broadcast of A Very Gaga Thanksgiving that airs on Turkey Day, just in time to celebrate with your family of monsters —preferably while sitting around the fireplace scanning the 350 photographs of the soon-to-be-sold-out book. Ah, tradition. (E!)
Photo: Via E!